Spay and Neuter stop the cycle

Low Cost Assistance for Angelina County

2018 marked a record year for Wendy's Misfits Animal Rescue.  We were successful in assisting with 492 Spay and Neuter surgeries  due to the generous donations of those that feel this is the way to make a change. A change that our County and those that surround us so desperately need.  A change to cut the numbers of dogs and cats abandoned, dumped, neglected and abused.  A change in the numbers that are taken to our local shelter and euthanized each  year, these numbers by far outweighing adoption and rescue numbers.  It is a sad fact.  But it is a fact that we are diligently working to make a change in. Help us be the change that our community needs.  You ask how?  Spread the word about our program, donate, volunteer, support our fundraisers, share with local organizations that have grants or matching fund programs.  Every little bit helps, it doesn't always have to be grand to add up to making the difference.